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Thursday , October 18th 2018
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Web Application Development

The web 2.0 is here. A new level of interactivity and sophistication are the hallmarks of a modern web application. The ability to integrate components written in different languages is critical in today's development landscape. A single user action can set off a cascade of multi-tiered code interaction.

In one recent application, Javascript communicates with a flash movie through an XML file and returns the value as a URL variable to a page in an ASP shopping cart. The goal is the seamless integration of multiple development platforms and data types to provide the user with the best experience possible.

Does your site need to be written in PHP or ASP? Should you use MSSQL or MySQL for your database? What about XML and JavaScript? These questions are best answered by the experienced team of professionals at WebGrinders. We achieve results through the prudent application of technology to develop robust, scalable solutions for our clients.

One of the pillars of any online venture is the ability to accept payment. We have over eight years of experience integrating online storefronts with payment processing gateways to accept credit card transactions. We help our clients choose the best vendors for the job and even handle the application for an SSL security certificate. Our goal is to make our clients comfortable with the notion of establishing a business presence on the web by taking the mystery out of the process.

Carl Harvey with Jack Johnson, Ben Harper, Bootsie Collins & Toots and the Maytals on the set of Saturday Night Live. This site features an expansive Flash photo gallery with custom MP3 jukebox of Carl's music.
Carl Harvey's Online Community with Custom Jukebox
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